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Dyno Tuning and Power Runs

We are the first independant motorcycle garage in Plymouth to have an in house Motorcycle Dyno!  We can now put your bike on our rolling road and tune, ECU flash and Create power runs with print outs!

A Rolling Road measures horsepower and torque at the rear wheel of your vehicle. It does this by measuring the time taken to accelerate a large roller of a certain weight (which the vehicles rear wheel sits on) from one speed to another. If you know the weight of the roller and its speed, and how long it's taken to accelerate it, you can calculate the torque and horsepower of your vehicle.

You should consider putting your vehicle on a Rolling Road when you have fitted an aftermarket exhaust, superchip box, ram air or anything which will effect the performance of your vehicle. Macpherson Motorcycles will then be able to set up your vehicle for the ultimate performance.

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We have state of the art modern diagnostics for plugging in and resetting any engine management lights, abs lights, service lights and diagnostic parameters.

MOT and repairs

Is it that time of year again? Don't worry, we can help. The MOT test is to ensure that the vehicle being tested meets the minimum legal requirements at the time of the test. We have the latest equipment and knowledge to do this and will make sure you get a fair test that complies with the DVSA standards. 

Tyre changes and puncture repair 

Thats right we don't only just do motorcycle tyre changes, But we also offer motorcycle puncture repairs!

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We service all makes and models of motorcycles here, better yet you can even keep your manufactures warranty by coming to us!

We offer from as little as an oil change to complete rebuilds. 

Normal servicing ranging from Annual, Full and Major with competitive pricing structures. Call us to get a quote.

Custom parts

We supply and fit all of the leading aftermarket parts you can think of! With competitive prices why not purchase through us today?

Live ECU flashing

We have teamed up with Woolich Racing to offer first in class ECU flashing. All bikes go onto our rolling road and have a custom map written specifically for each individual one. No generic maps, no two bikes are the same!

Get in touch to find out if your bike is supported.

Accident management 

We offer comprehensive accident management that can provide you with a replacement bike, access your vehicle damage and put you in touch with specialist solicitors who will fight to get you the maximum compensation you deserve, its as simple as that! McAMS offer a free telephone consultation to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Hire bikes are serviced regularly and maintained to the highest standards. We will do our best to match the hire bike to your own. If your bike has been damaged and you need use of a hire bike, our fleet department can have a hire bike delivered to your home in no time at all.  


Macpherson motorcycles has been approved to repair your bike to the highest standards.